Individual Action

Time is a particularly valuable asset when it comes to climate change. We know that it takes time to make lifestyle changes or to stay informed. The tips and suggestions below are concrete ideas you can tackle on your own that support the larger goal of a greener Canada.

Staying Informed

One of the first things we can do with our time is stay informed on climate news and actions in our regions and across the country. Many members of the Climate Legacy network provide informed, thoughtful articles and news stories about climate change and inspiring stories of climate advocacy in action.


“It’s a real privilege to help readers keep up with climate news…Lately, we’ve been most interested in connecting with people and communities outside the climate “bubble” and discovering together how climate action helps them get the things they already know they need and want, faster and better.” 

—Mitchell Beer, Energy Mix Productions

Climate Change at Home

Greening your home, avoiding food waste and being a conscious consumer are small, yet important ways of addressing climate change at an individual level. Often these actions at home can support larger climate initiatives.


Nature all Around us

Even if you live in a city there are so many ways to connect with nature. Being in nature benefits our mental and emotional health, even if that nature is your collection of houseplants!