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Our Story

In 2019 a group of retired people came together to share concerns about global climate change and the impact it would have on future generations in Canada and around the world. Younger people, led by Greta Thunberg among others, were mobilizing but we asked ourselves why seniors’ concerns about their children and grandchildren’s futures were not being heard. Having already led active lives working in international development and social change, we resolved to help engage others like ourselves. With the help of The Group of 78, we set out to ensure that our legacy to the future is a world with the beauty and opportunities as great as what we inherited from our parents. We called this initiative Climate Legacy.

Our Project

Climate Legacy is a project to engage and mobilize older Canadians in climate action through their voice, their skills and their money. Our vision is that Canada move steadily and effectively towards a zero net carbon economy in the next decade through actions at municipal, provincial and federal levels. Seniors comprise a significant force in combating climate change and are often overlooked in current mobilizing efforts. This is why we are establishing a climate action platform and resource dedicated to older Canadians.

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