Climate Legacy & The Group of 78 Present: A climate and finance-focused webinar mini-series
Climate Legacy is pleased to announce that we are co-hosting two new climate and finance-focused webinars with The Group of 78. 
Bill S-243 would make banks accountable to Canada’s climate targets – here’s how you can support it
CAFA is a really exciting bill – in short, it would require major banks, crown corporations, and other federally regulated financial institutions to align their own work with Canada’s climate commitments.
Read G78 and SCAN!’s Submissions to the National Adaptation Strategy Consultation
When the National Adaptation Strategy began consulting Canadians, we knew it would be a once in a generation opportunity to determine how we will prepare and adapt to climate change.
We Know We Need Green Transit Solutions. But How Do We Implement Them? The E-bike Presents A Way Forward
There’s nothing intuitive about how we solve the problem of gas-powered car dependence in Canada, especially when you think beyond the young, the able and, perhaps most importantly, the fearless.
Interview of the Month: Can We Get Plastics Out of Healthcare?
It’s malleable, it’s light, it’s cheap, and it lasts a really really long time.   It’s plastic. A miracle invention, that, according to Laurie Houston–a dentist trying to get single-use plastics out of health care—it has been abused.   “If healthcare were a country, it would be the fifth worst polluter in the world,” said Laurie.   The relationship between climate change and our health has gotten more attention in recent years, particularly in the wake of devastating …
Canada’s Energy Systems Part 2: Solutions and Barriers to Breaking our Energy Addiction
Last month, we dove into Canada’s energy systems, what we export, what we use to heat our houses, and who the biggest GHG emitters are that we need to target.   This month, we’ll look at the many promising ways renewables can help transition us from harmful energy sources and models for using less energy generally.   The Renewables Reality According to the IPCC, the cost of electricity from renewables and batteries has come down so quickly …
Canada’s Energy Systems Part 1: Our Energy Addiction
It has never been clearer what we need to do to save the planet and ourselves. As the latest IPCC report has shown, we need radical and transformative policies aimed at de-carbonizing our economy and develop adaptation initiatives to avoid the worst climate catastrophes.   The sticking point is also clearer than ever. We use fossil fuels for energy. And Canada is an energy addict. Is there a way to wean ourselves off the cause of …
All About Compost Part 2: Public Composting
Last month, we have delved into the wild world of composting on your own—either with a backyard compost pile or an indoor option.   Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash And we discussed a pilot project going on across Canada, back by federal funding, that provides subsidized Food Cyclers to residents in (so far) rural areas that have no public composting service.   If this got you thinking, “why don’t these regions have public composting programs?” then you’re not alone. We …
An Incredible Year for Climate Action
2021 has been a year of hope and challenges, a roller coaster ride I think we all wish would end. Luckily, we only have three weeks left before we welcome in a new year and with a new year comes new opportunities to make change and to fight for the environment and climate justice.  It has been an honour to share the stories of our Network members this year, who have worked tirelessly for equity, …
Interview of the Month: C3 Wants to Keep Ottawa Climate Accountable
Peter Croal and David Paré are members of Citizen Climate Counsel or C3. C3 is a group of eight retired seniors who offer high level strategic help to enhance the City of Ottawa’s ability to move forward on climate change issues while engaging with the citizens of Ottawa in the process. The article has been condensed and edited for clarity.  CL: Let’s start at the beginning. How did C3 get started?   PC: Joan Freeman is really …