Collective Action

There is power in numbers. Climate Legacy’s network members are making change in their communities, focusing on grassroots initiatives that most affect them. Groups across the country are organizing to make sure their concerns about climate change are heard.

Spotlight on: Peter Meincke of The Group of 78 and CACOR   

The Group of 78 is a civil society organization (and parent organization of Climate Legacy) that promotes Canadian and global action for peace and disarmament, equitable and sustainable development, and a strong and revitalized United Nations system. The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) is dedicated to furthering the sustainability of the global ecosystem including the survival of humanity. Peter Meincke is a member of both organizations.   

Peter Meincke first got interested in sustainability when he was working at the University of Toronto, in the 1970s.   

“At that time PEI was showing tremendous leadership in how we are impacting the Earth, so I gladly accepted the offer to become the second president of UPEI,” said Peter.   

Peter was one of the 78 who signed the founding statement of the Group of 78. He remains active in the group and is heartened to see the organization focusing on climate change.   

“G78 decided to do something about climate change a few years ago. We’re setting up a conference for September 2021, with a focus on adapting to climate change,” said Peter. “We’re looking at the ways people can adapt food systems, how to finance those efforts, the sea level rise, etc.”   

CACOR has also been hosting a number of webinars on climate change.   

“Right now, we’re holding webinars about once a week to get the message out,” said Peter.   

Topics have included renewable energy, electric vehicles and how we can reduce our impact on the planet. CACOR also has a number of committees that engage in climate change discussions, but also think about the values that drive society—and whether these values can include a different relationship with the environment.   

“One of the main purposes of the groups is not only to have discussions among ourselves but to  try and get information out to people,” said Peter. “It’s really important for seniors to do what they can, get involved with one of these groups, even if they don’t want to become part of the board, just be able to use it all as a learning experience.”   

One of the areas Peter’s been learning a lot more about lately is how personal finances can have an unexpected impact on climate change issues.   

“I’ve been encouraging people to look at ways in which they can use their investments and savings to achieve some of these sustainability goals like reducing carbon emissions. There’s such a lot of money that can be mobilized to help save the planet,” said Peter.   

The Group of 78 and Climate Legacy are co-hosting a webinar about responsible investing, featuring Tim Nash of Good Investing and Mary Robinson of the Responsible Investment Association.    

Register here for the webinar on April 15th at 11a.m. EDT.

Want to use your voice for climate action? Here’s some ideas from CACOR and G78

Use Your Voice for Climate Action with an Organization Near You

“Our vision is a green, equitable, and just world where our children and grandchildren grow up safe and healthy.”

—Matt Price, For Our Kids Coordinator 

  • Grandmothers Act to Save the Planet (GASP) is a grassroots, non-partisan group of grandmothers and grand ‘others’ in the Halton/Hamilton region who care deeply about the world our descendants will inherit. We join with young people and our grandchildren to amplify their voices in the fight for our planet. Live in the GTA? Join the GASP movement .
  • Live in the Matawatchan area? Join the Living Green team! Living Green shares information on ecological issues through discussion and films, and we have begun a series of presentations by local artists whose works feature environmental themes. Contact Ken Birkett for more information joandken@xplornet.ca
  • Live in Peterborough? The Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action (PACA) organizes demonstrations and events to inspire awareness and action on climate change. Email: info.PtboPACA@gmail.com to get involved in PACA’s campaigns 
PACA members taking part in a 2018 Act to Save the Planet event