Collective Action

All working Canadians are eligible for at least one pension plan when we retire. When our individual contributions are added together over entire careers, these seemingly small contributions grow into some of largest pools of capital on earth. The Canada Pension Plan manages over $475 billion. Decisions made about how this capital is invested directly shapes our world and is critical to ensuring a safe climate future.

Group Pension Plans

Act to engage your pension fund manager to ensure your pension is invested in solutions to the climate crisis, not the causes, is a powerful tool for collective action to address the climate crisis. Climate Legacy, in partnership with The Group of 78 have a number of webinars on the topic of how to influence your pension fund.

Learn more about your own pension and how to engage effectively here (PDF). For an updated 2023 analysis of public pension plans’ approaches to climate, see here (PDF).

Send a letter with questions directly to your pension fund manager now through this link.

For more information: Shift: Action for Pension Wealth & Planet Health

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