Individual Action

Action to ensure your own savings are invested in the solutions to the climate crisis, not the causes, is an important way to protect both your assets and the climate. You can move your savings into a fossil-free investment portfolio, make investments directly in companies supporting the energy transition, or select “impact investments”. These kinds of changes will help the planet and help to change the financial industry. 

Greening Portfolios

The carbon footprint of a personal investment portfolio can be substantial, undermining important efforts to reduce your own climate impact.

Green Bonds

A green bond is used to finance environmental projects. They are often bought by pension funds and wealth fund managers, but more recently they have been offered to individuals. Green bonds provide one of the few opportunities for investors to put their money into climate change solutions. Find out more here.

Need more of a primer on green bonds? Check out Queen’s University’s Institute for Sustainable Finance to get valuable information on the ins and outs of green bonds.

Taking Action Through Savings, Investments and Spending Power – Susan Tanner and Irvin Waller

We are social justice advocates who are still working many hours to sustain human life on this planet without violence and state brutality. We had to rely on financial planners to manage our investments and for a few years were frustrated at not being able to find funds that reflected our social justice goals. After repeated requests, we found a financial planner who shifted us into a new Sustainable Equity Fund, which invests in best-in-class companies aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including Gender Equality, Clean Energy, Reduced Inequality, Climate Action, Peace and Justice! It specifically excludes gambling, weapons, and those related to traditional energy/fossil fuels.

~ Susan Tanner and Irvin Waller