Climate Legacy & The Group of 78 Present: A climate and finance-focused webinar mini-series

Climate Legacy is pleased to announce that we are co-hosting two new climate and finance-focused webinars with The Group of 78

Event 1: The Energy Transition 
Registration through Zeffy 
April 18th, 2pm

Understanding the energy transition is the first step to identifying the role you can play in getting us there. Learn about what the shift to a zero-carbon economy will look like (including debunking common myths), understand the major milestones we need to meet in Canada, and get an overview of the different levers that can help us meet our goals.

In this webinar, SHIFT Director Adam Scott, IISD Senior Policy Advisor Nichole Dusyk, and IISD Policy Analyst Zachary Repel will provide a clear and engaging introduction to the Energy Transition. This is critical for both seasoned activists and the climate curious to understand.

Event 2: What Can You Do to Green Canada’s Financial System 
Registration through Zeffy 
April 25th, 2pm 

Canada cannot achieve its climate goals without the full participation of the financial system. Canadians with bank accounts, pension funds and/or insurance policies all have a vested interest in aligning this system with climate safety. Learn what financial actors are already doing, what more needs to be done, the role for regulation, and what you can do.

Our speakers and chair:

Adam Scott (webinar one and two) is a climate change expert with extensive domestic and international experience in policy, energy and finance, as well as campaign design and execution. He has a lifelong commitment to supporting the transition to a zero carbon economy in Canada. At Shift, he works with wide-ranging stakeholders to bring international climate leadership into Canada’s financial sector.

Nichole Dusyk (webinar one) is a senior policy advisor for IISD’s Energy program working on the Canadian Energy Transitions Team. The focus of her work is providing research and analysis to support a transition away from fossil fuels and toward a more just and sustainable energy system.

Zachary Rempel (webinar one) is a policy analyst with IISD’s Energy Team working on carbon pricing strategies as well as international just transition implementation.

Julie Segal (webinar two) Julie works as Senior Manager, Climate Finance at Environmental Defence, where she advances climate-related financial policy and regulation. She previously managed a portfolio of impact investments at the McConnell Foundation. She’s won national and global awards for her work integrating environmental justice into sustainable finance, including winning First Prize Paper in the Ethics & Trust in Finance Global Prize. 

Roy Culpeper (webinar one and two) is an Ottawa-based economist who has devoted his career to social justice issues. His work as a researcher and a public servant has focused on development in Canada and internationally. He is the volunteer Chair of the Group of 78 which works to advance the causes of peace, justice, and planetary survival.

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