Public Action

As voters and taxpayers, we all have an interest in what our federal and provincial governments are doing to tackle climate change. Climate organizations across Canada are using their valuable time to build political support for climate action, and sometimes even going into the streets to ensure politicians and fellow citizens know how important it is to fight for a livable planet.  

P’Earth Day in Perth, Ontario 2019


It can take a lot of time and energy to lobby for government action on climate change. Many of our network members work hard to keep governments on track for achieving Canada’s climate change targets.

  • All levels of government have public consultations that citizens can spend some time filling out to help identify priorities and issues. Ontario’s public consultation directory can be found here, and the federal government’s public consultations can be found here.
  • Live in Peterborough and looking to use your time for climate action? For Our Grandchildren has been dedicated to making climate change a priority at the municipal level. Sign up to volunteer!  
  • Transition Cornwall+’s Active Transportation Working Group engages in partnership building with the city and advocacy around better bike and pedestrian policies. In fact, they and other groups have proven to be so effective in their work that Cornwall has won a SILVER Bicycle Friendly Community Award from the Share The Road cycling coalition and the Canadian Automobile Association. The power of municipal activism!


Over the last few years people have taken to the streets to show their concern about climate change. There’s no better way to make clear the urgency of our situation than to spend some time out on the streets fighting for our planet. Though Covid-19 may have put a damper on gatherings, it has not stopped us from demanding governments and corporations make climate action a priority.