Celebrate Earth Day with Climate Action

As we celebrate our beautiful, life-sustaining planet, it’s clearer than ever that we also have a responsibility to protect it. And while there’s lots of reasons to be concerned—from Ontario’s ham-fisted use of MZOs to force development on farmland, to the federal government’s timid emissions reductions targets—there are also amazing activists across the country doing work to push for change, or make that change themselves. So this Earth Day, Climate Legacy celebrates our incredible network members. Check out what they are doing for Earth Day below!

Wetlands are some of Ontario’s most precious ecosystems, and some of its most endangered.
The Group of 78

On April 27th, The Group of 78 is hosting a webinar to compare and contrast the petroleum and climate policies, performance and records of Norway and Canada. Discussion will include the most recent carbon commitments of each country in advance of COP 26, including Canada’s latest 2030 emission reduction target and the measures in the April 19 budget to reach this target. You can register here.

Citizens for Public Justice

CPJ will be joining For the Love of Creation, a faith-based initiative for climate justice for an Earth Day virtual celebration at 1pm EST today. Find details and registration here.

Climate Network Lanark

Put up a poster, banner or Facebook photo to celebrate Earth Day with Climate Network Lanark.

The Energy Mix

Get a comprehensive overview of how the government’s 2021 Budget is funding climate action with The Energy Mix!

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