Climate Legacy and G78 host webinar on Community Owned Renewable Energy

We don’t have to wait for government, private industry, or institutional investors to finance the transition to renewable energy and green technology. Citizens and local communities can act by pooling their money and facilitate the climate action we need.The Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC) is a proven local for-profit energy cooperative that has a track record of building new generation assets, attracting growing membership while paying regular dividends. This webinar discussed the experience of OREC as an alternative model to help us achieve Canada’s zero net carbon target.

Dick Bakker and Aaron Thornell speak with moderator Rieky Stuart about OREC’s cooperative investment model

The Group of 78 and Climate Legacy do not in any way offer financial or investing advice.  This webinar and the information in the presentation are provided for educational purposes only. Investing involves risk. Any personal investing decisions should be made only after individual due diligence and/or with the assistance of a registered financial adviser or broker. The Group of 78 and Climate Legacy takes no responsibility for any investment decisions that participants may make.  By attending this webinar, you are signifying that you understand and agree to this disclaimer.

Please note that The Group of 78 and Climate Legacy provides information on issues, products and services of general interest to its membership.

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